Sunday, June 27, 2010

Let me tell you about My Life from the Heart

As I begin this journey though "life from the heart", I think back to my childhood and how I have always loved to express myself best though my writings. With pen in hand, ideas, short stories and poems flowed forth. English was always one of my favorite classes in school, not because I liked to diagram sentences or turn in homework, but because of the stories read by the teachers or the wonderful books I chose to read from the school library. I fell in love with books during elementary school and The Secret Garden will always hold a special place in my heart. One of my fondest memories was in 4th grade; my teacher, Miss Ethel Edgemond read the Uncle Remus stories after lunch each day and I was always afraid I was going to fall asleep and miss part of the story. 

I loved to write short essays and poems, some of which I will share as we go forward. One of my dreams has been to be able to somehow create my story for my children and for my grandchildren.....what else can you leave them, but a glimpse of who you were and the pieces of your heart that made you that way. Other than what I share of my inner most thoughts and feelings, I want to leave my children and grandchildren with the legacy of strength, courage, determination, integrity and a sincere love for others. So with that said, I will begin my story of Life from the Heart~~~~lets turn back the hands of time

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