Saturday, August 21, 2010

Childhood Memories

Have you ever heard people say, "I am so bored with my life" or "my life stinks", or "I hate my life"? I see these comments quite often on face book and more often see it on the faces of people as they rush through their day, filled with stress and tension.
Life is a "Gift from God" and a gift to be treasured. God expects us to value the life He gives us and to use our lives to glorify Him and fulfill the purpose for what He created us for. I was born to a mom and dad who lived their lives as an example for me and my three sisters and loved us with a love that is only second to the love of God. We were not rich in material things, but we were rich in love. Not long ago, the second summer after we moved to the farm, I wrote in my journal about my childhood summers in relationship to the kind of day I was getting ready to have during my summer break from work..........

June 21, 2005- the first day of summer. Such a wonderful time of the year and a day expected to be sunny, hot and humid....right on cue! My memories of summer days as a child were filled with excitement and anticipation of playing with my sisters in the makeshift playhouses constructed with planks, cans and dirt. The days were never ending as our imaginations took wings and we were transported into faraway places with exciting adventures, our dreams soaring with the fluffy white clouds in the beautiful blue sky. We were always secure in the fact that Mama was nearby, usually on the porch swing reading her Bible or singing her favorite hymns. We were not rich in earthly possessions of expensive toys and games or manufactured play equipment, but we had an imagination that was priceless and a mama and daddy that treasured and protected us beyond any price tag.

Today my plans are to play in the dirt (plant flowers) with planks and cans (garden decorations and flower pots) out in the yard ( mow the grass) and tonight I might even run and play in the cool breeze and catch a few fireflies as I listen to my Daddy tell a few stories on the front porch.....well, maybe I'll just sit and watch the fireflies light up the evening and remember four little girls, a mama and daddy and let my imagination run wild.........These are the kind of memories I want for my children ......a childhood filled with laughter, feelings of security and most of all, unconditional love....


  1. Kathy, you had a wonderful mother and father, though I didn't know them very many years they became very special to me. I have something I wrote several years ago that I will send you sometime.

  2. Oh my Gosh....just make me cry why dont you..I've read all your new postings and cant wait for more to come..oh i get the first copy of your book when it comes out ;-)