Saturday, September 18, 2010

Reflecting on My Day

Late summer and early fall are my favorite times of the year......if you don't count late spring and early summer, that is. Today was not one of our Slow Sigh Saturdays, but one that started early and at a fast pace. My husband had an event in Nashville, a reunion with his military buddies and I had an event in Clarksville with some of my home business team, so we went in opposite directions this morning. It would have been great to spend the day lounging and taking our time on deciding what to do, but we had obligations that spoke for regrets, just looking forward to next Saturday that belongs to just us.

This has been another picture perfect day, one that makes the freezing winter, the floods of spring and the30 plus days this summer with near and above 100 degrees seem distant and fuzzy in my memory. As I sit in the late afternoon shade and watch the sun slowly set, I long for the chance to have this day again and spend it looking out over our little piece of paradise after watching the sun come up, listening to the first chirp of the birds while the little community around us awakens to the breath taking start of the weekend. But I will enjoy this chance to see the beauty of a peaceful, relaxing Saturday afternoon and thank God I have some down time to reflect on what a joy this day has been for both of us, spending time with friends. It doesn't matter how much I dream of doing nothing........that is not what life is all about. Life is about building and renewing relationships and it has been one of those days.......Thank you Lord for a good day!!!!

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