Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mother's Day Tribute-A Poem for My Mama

I took down my memories from the shelf today- inside I found my childhood, so neatly tucked away

First thing that I came across was an old familiar face, upon it were reflections of another time and place

Creases of worry I saw buried upon an aging brow- these lines would be erased if I had known what I do now

There were traces of teardrops, some happy and some were sad, but each was a reminder of the love I have always had

I unfolded a pair of hands, worn and withered, yet strong- in comfort they had held me, but when needed, pushed me on

At the bottom of the stack there lay a heart of gold. It contained the strength of many and more love than could be told

Then I slowly placed them back, each precious, treasured part. Again my childhood memories were locked within my heart

Whenever I chance to wander down that old road back in time, the first one that I think of is that dear old mom of mine

Kathy, 1987

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