Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sometimes I Just Sits and Thinks and Sometimes I Just Sits


We haven't had a Slow Sigh Saturday in a while..... commitments to be met, appointments to be kept and just pure exhaustion from a too full week have taken it's toll on getting away....not to mention the weather and all the snow of the past winter!!!

This Saturday was no different. There was an appointment and grocery shopping to do....and yard work, laundry..... then all the energy was drained from us both. A nap really would have consumed us if we had given in, but instead we decided to just sit beside the pond for a bit. Of course, we couldn't just stroll
to the pond and leisurely sit in a "movie prop" setting, which is what I dreamed of doing.....first we had to pull a bench and a couple of chairs out of winter storage and load them on the wagon that is pulled by the lawnmower and haul them to the pond. We also had to entice the horse to the barn stall with feed and close the barn gate in order to keep her from joining us and breathing down our necks, destroying any tranquility we were trying to enjoy.

Finally, we were able to sit and drink in the sunshine and feel the calmness of the water soothe away the stress and tension of the week before and relax....just the way we planned 7 Spring-times ago when we fell in love with this little piece of heaven on earth....our little the sleepy little community of Hooterville....aka.....Tennessee City.

As I sat, my thoughts traveled back to a carefree time when I had not learned the meaning of the word stress. This was not a word I heard often, if at all, growing up. If Mama and Daddy were ever stressed, we didn't know it and they didn't either. Life in the country was slow, the days were long and there was plenty of time to relax and dream.

Suddenly, the memory of a poem or a quote I had read somewhere came back to me, "Sometimes I just sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits." by Satchel Paige. I had this framed and on my wall as a teenager and I remember sketching a stool next to the words.......

As we sat for that brief few minutes, time stood still. We watched ducks bathing in the clear, calm water of a brimming pond, a gentle warm breeze stirring ever so lightly the new blades of spring grass......the quietness surrounding us made any other sounds seem far, far away.....

How I look forward to the moments when we can just sit and let the things that rob us of our sleep and put signs of aging on our face fade into the background? Oh, how much I look forward to the time when I can "just sits" and if I chose...."just sits and thinks" about things that will bring me joy, that will put a smile on my face......and not waste my thoughts on things that exhaust me, drain me of my energy or God forbid, raise my blood pressure!!!!

        Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits.
Satchel Paige US baseball player (1906 - 1982)

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