Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Going Home Again

"We grow up planning how we are going to leave home and then spend the rest of our lives trying to get back".

This is a quote from a former high school class mate, posted on our facebook site where after almost 40 years, reconnection is finally being made. After graduation from high school, my friends, some who had been class mates since 1st grade, and I all went our separate ways to find what life had in store. Now seeing and hearing about what they have done with their lives, where life has taken them and sadly how life has been taken from so many, this little sentence has spoken volumes.

As I read the comments and remarks of my long ago friends, it seems like we have been transported back to that little country high school where we had no idea what life was like beyond it's walls, we just knew we could not wait to go out and grab on to whatever was out there and let it take us to new places and new adventures. It seems that no matter how far away the tides of time have shifted us and the adventures we have experienced, the common thread I see running though the conversations, the pictures and mementos shared....we are all excited to be back "home''.

Hillsboro High was a small K-12 school in a rural community of Western Williamson County Tennessee. The kids attending this unique and last of it's kind educational institution were raised on country sunshine and a love for friends and family. In my mind's eye, we are still the same as we were in the early to middle 1970's, still sharing laughter at each others antics and jokes, teasing each other like brothers and sisters, sharing happiness for each others accomplishments and shedding tears for the lose of those who were taken from us way too early.

As we get re-acquainted and plan our get together, it seems this will be more than a class or school reunion.......a home coming is what families do...welcome home Hillsboro High School Family and thank you Debbie Sue for bringing the family back together.

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