Sunday, October 16, 2011

Autumn Holiday in Paris (Landing)

It was that time of year again; the leaves were turning brilliant colors of yellow, orange and red, the sky a breathtaking blue, and the ladies of the Branches Sunday School Class were hearing the gentle call of the Savior to come away and rest.
It was the 3rd annual Ladies Retreat at Paris Landing, where eight sisters came together to share a weekend filled with fun, fellowship, sharing in God's peace....... leaving behind the stress and tension of work and everyday responsibilities. As we arrived late in the afternoon, the sun glistening on the lake promised a glorious time as we unpacked our goodies for the evening meal of delicious homemade soup and sandwiches. A variety of delicacies was shared as we talked and laughed our way through an informal and relaxing dinner.

After dinner, the traditional game time began and so did the fun. This is always a time when the "sisters" take on the role of sibling rivals......sides are chosen and the competition begins! This year was no less competitive and the howls and sidesplitting laughter as these delicate ladies turned vicious in an updated version of Charades. We will never sing Happy Birthday again without remembering that night......and the smile or chuckle that escapes will leave people wondering!

Finally getting to bed around 1:00am, we awake to the most amazing day the Lord has prepared for us. After a wonderful breakfast of blueberry pancakes and fresh fruit, the walk begins. Drinking in the beauty of our surroundings, we walk though the park, enjoying  the gentle breeze off the soft blue ripples of the lake. We were exhausted by the time we arrived back at the chalet, ready for a light lunch and rest before usual, we shopped for shoes and  made a stop at the little Christian Book Store....our two favorite places on our retreat.

Dinner on Saturday evening was at the Paris Landing Inn, and what a treat! Good food, Good company and a beautiful view of the lake.....God is so good to us!

Sharing time on Saturday night began with a reading of a short story novel written by one of our sweet sisters. As we listened intently though tears and smiles, our hearts strings were pulled and our  emotions were challenged. From the reading to roasting marshmellows around the campfire, the question was raised, " what do you want to do when you grow up"? This question brought to mind an array of dreams yet to fulfill and thoughts of what God might have in store for each of us filled the night air. From retiring to the mountains to building a church in Kenya to publishing a best seller to a simple dream of a job closer to home......each of us know that God is not finished with us yet. As I continue to ponder this question, I know that there is more for me to do, more to make a difference in the lives of others and more to bring Glory to God!

Sunday morning devotion on the deck in the mist of the rising sun......what a way to start the day and such a beautiful way to end our weekend. Glorifying the Lord surrounded by His handiwork will be enough to carry us until we meet here again next year.

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  1. it was an amazing weekend of rest and challenge and sisterhood. Thanks for capturing it in words and photos!